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  • Summer Overnight Camp

  • Let your children discover more about God and how He works in their lives through Mound Ridge Overnight Camp Programs.

    Summer 2019 at Mound Ridge offers a transforming experience for children within the breathtaking quiet beauty of our Missouri Foothills and Meramec River.

    The Great Adventure to God’s Kingdom

    Date: July 17-20, 2019 | Cost: $155 | Ages: 6-10 years

    Children will go on their own camping adventure to discover how God’s adventure for them always leads them to the right place.  They will learn about some of the adventures that God sent his people on in the Bible and discover how those stories apply to their lives.  Campers will face lions and put on the armor of God to serve God’s kingdom. They will adventure through the trees and down the river on an exciting and remarkable experience in God’s Word.

    Love Your #Selfie and Let Your Light Shine

    Date: July 21-27, 2019 | Cost: $385 | Ages: 11-15 years

    Campers will dig into how each of them are a precious work of God.  They will learn how to combat negative peer pressure and work on being comfortable in their own skin.  With team building activities and fine art exploration the campers will discover how they were each created by God for a purpose.  Through various night activities the campers will learn how to let their light shine and why that is important.