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  • Service Groups

  • Service Groups are welcome at Mound Ridge all throughout the summer when most of our improvement projects take place but are invited during the spring and fall months, too! With something always needing to be done, Mound Ridge offers mission projects for all ages yes, even elementary school aged to middle school on up. Mound Ridge is an ideal space to complete Eagle Scout projects, philanthropic requirements, or volunteer community service.

    Service Work Groups are scheduled to stay in the Group Cabins. See below for Retreat Lodge policy.

    • Meals will be charged per person, per meal.
    • Groups staying one night will be charged half of the second night group cabin rate lodging if six (6) or more hours are worked.
    • Groups staying two nights and working six (6) or more hours will be charged the second night’s group cabin lodging rate per person.
    • Groups staying three to four nights will be charged for two (2) night’s group cabin lodging with 24 hours of work completed.
    • The Retreat Lodge may be requested for any Service Work Group but full lodging price will be charged, regardless of hours worked. Linens are available for $10.00 a set when staying in the Retreat Lodge.
    • Linens are not available for Service Work Groups staying in group cabins.

    A deposit is required for all work groups. This deposit is based on lodging option and the number of attendees. The deposit will be credited to your final invoice.

    As always, Mound Ridge is dedicated to providing equal opportunity for all. If members of your group require assistance or special lodging services, please inform us at the time of reservation and we will do our best to accommodate the group’s needs.