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  • Recreation and Activities

  • Mound Ridge has a variety of activities open for campers and individual use that can be enjoyed during their stay. Guests can choose to do anything from kayaking, fishing, using a zipline, climbing on a rock wall, hiking, and much more! Just let us know what you'd like to do. Continue below for more information.

  • Fishing

    Mound Ridge is a perfect location for fishing in the upper Meramec River. If you wade a few yards out to one of our fishing holes, you can spot smallmouth bass, sunfish, bluegill or possibly trout. Or you can paddle only two river miles from Mound Ridge to the Woodson K Woods Access, which is a prime trout fishing area in the early spring.

    Retreat guests and campers alike have enjoyed catching many of these fish throughout the years. Come fish for the day, or stay for the weekend! Fishing licenses can be purchased at Meramec Spring Park located only 2.5 miles from Mound Ridge on Highway 8.

  • River Play

    The best feature of Mound Ridge is the Meramec river access, where guests can swim, sunbathe, or use canoes, kayaks or inner tubes to paddle themselves as far as they wish to and from camp. We would also be happy to teach you how to canoe/kayak. There are also several float trips to go on, for more information visit the 'Float Trip' page. 

  • Zipline

    Our zipline is a 300 foot zip off the side of the ridge from the woods into a field. It is fun for all ages, and is a simple, quick, and enjoyable. To use the zipline, it is $10 a person for unlimited runs. 

  • Climbing Wall

    The climbing rock wall is challenge by choice meaning it offers a variety of challenge levels. It is safe, and we always have multiple people spotting the climbers as they use it. 

  • Nature Trails

    We have beautiful nature trails that you can hike or mountain bike. Reconnect with nature you as explore the Ozark countryside in the peace and quiet. 

  • Swimming Pool

    Our pool is a great place to relax during the summer. There are two separate changing/shower rooms, pool chairs and toys available for use. We have certified lifeguards on site during summer hours or per request, other wise it is swim at your own risk. The pool is open from May to September. 

  • Mountain Boarding

    Mound Ridge also offers mountainboarding, which is a cross over sport between skateboarding and snowboarding. Let us safely and easily teach you how! Mountainboarding can be learned within an hour. Our personal protection equipment such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, is always recommended.

  • Archery

    If you would like to learn how or practice archery, we have the equipment available for renting. 

  • Volleyball

  • Playground