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  • Float Trips

  • Mound Ridge offers a variety of floats for canoeing and kayaking suitable for all ages and floating experience. Our floats are away from river traffic, offering a peaceful and relaxing time. You can reconnect with nature, and enjoy the serene Ozark landscapes. 

    Floating Capacity:

    • 6 Canoes
    • 9 Kayaks
    • 10 Inner tubes

    Mound Ridge also allows retreat participants to bring their own paddlesport watercraft!

  • Available Floats

    2 miles - Mound Ridge to Woodson K. Woods Access
    6 miles - Cedar Ford Access to Mound Ridge
    11 miles - Mound Ridge to Scott's Ford Access (Low Water Bridge)

    We will shuttle you to and from the access points.

    Or, if you prefer to stay at camp, Mound Ridge offers "water play" in canoes and kayaks which involves no shuttling. Guests can use canoes and/or kayaks to paddle themselves as far as they wish to and from camp. We would also love to teach you how to canoe or kayak!

  • Floating Policies

    • All persons in water, regardless of age or swimming ability, must wear a Personal Floatation Device.
    • All children in water must wear a personal floatation device.
    • All persons in a craft must wear a personal floatation device.
    • All children under the age of seven must wear a personal floatation device while in any craft owned by Mound Ridge Retreat Center.
    • All parents are responsible for their children while recreating at the riverfront (no lifeguard on duty)
    • Adult Chaperones are responsible for their group while recreating at the riverfront.
    • All groups are required to have a lifeguard present. If one is not available, a waiver needs to be signed by the person responsible or governing body of the group.
    • All groups will need to sign a waiver when taking float trips.
    • Individuals will need to sign a waiver when taking float trips.

    Mound Ridge Retreat Center holds the right to remove any person from the riverfront area that does not follow safety guidelines set forth or any person(s) that does/do not follow the Missouri State Water Patrol regulations and laws.

    Legal Information

    SB346 - Paddlesport Activities -- Immunity from Liability (amended August 2012)

    "WARNING: Under Missouri law, an outfitter is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in paddles port activities resulting from the inherent risks of paddle sport activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri.". Chapter 537 - Section 537.237