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  • Enjoy Being ‘Unplugged’


    When you hang out with your family or friends, you feel like you are fighting for their attention because of their phones. We have all been on the other side too; our social media apps are distracting. When you visit Mound Ridge, the cell service will be limited especially at the bottom of the hill near the river. In addition, there are only hot spots in the conference rooms.

    We believe families and friends should take a break from technology and unplug for the weekend. During your stay, you won't feel the need to be on your phone the whole time for entertainment. You'll enjoy reconnecting with your family, and feel refreshed. You could spend the day at the river and soak up the sun (don't forget the sunscreen!) or take a hike in the woods. At the end of your stay, you will feel renewed and ready to tackle on another busy week in everyday life.